Welcome in our dental office Toudent s.r.o. from Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic
In our office there are colaborating together on one site dentist Dr. Pavla Touskova and maxilofacial surgeon Dr. Martin Tousek. We are specialising in dental implants and dental prosthetics on implants.



Patient with missing upper teeth on arrival to our office on the day of the surgery.
Toothless upper jaw of the same patient just prior to surgery.
4 implants in place, hence "all-on-4".
New set of teeth fixed to upper jaw.
Occlusal view of fixed teeth to upper jaw. There are visible in the mirror access holes, which are going to be obliterated by teflon tape and covered by composite resin.
The same patient before leaving our office with new fixed teeth on the day of the surgery.
Healed implants in upper jaw replacing roots of missing right premolar a molar.  
Implants fitted with screw retained procelain-fused-to-metal crowns.