We use only screw type dental implants made of titanium.

1.       Regular dental implants.  Diameters starting from 3 up to 8 mm width. These are being inserted into the bone similarly like screws into the wood. We use these implants to replace all teeth, but single lower incisors. They can replace single tooth or more teeth as abutments for dental bridge. In edentulous patients we use them for „all-on-4“ type solution. It is not recommendable to join implants with natural teeth into the bridge due to the different way they are attached to the bone. Implants fuse directly with bone to create solid immobile attachment. Unlike teeth, which are achored within the bone by system of tiny ligaments situated between bone and teeth. This makes them relatively mobile in comparison with implants. If joined together under one bridge, healed implant could fail. 


2.       Dental miniimplants. Diameter 3 mm and less. We use them to replace single lower incisors or as abutments to attach overdentures mainly in lower jaw. 

3.       Bicortical implants are long screw type implants, which engage both cortical plates of lower jaw. This makes them stable enough for immediate load or even connection with natural teeth within one bridge. These can be used only in the front of lower jaw. 

4.       Temporising implants, are malleable narrow single piece implants. We insert them temporarily for 6 months into the remaining bone, if regular implants cannot be loaded immediately, to attach fixed temporary prosthesis. 

5.       Orthodontic implants, are tiny polished titanium screws of 4-8 mm length and 1 - 1,6 mm width. They serve, for the short period of time (6 months maximum) as a firm anchor for orthodontic movements. They make orthodontic treatment quicker and in same cases even possible. We insert orthodontic implants to the patients referred to us by orthodontists.